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Ideas for Using Widgit Symbols

An exciting new series full of ideas and resources


Whether you’re supporting small children or adults, in a school, in a community environment or at home, this section provides you with helpful hints, tips and ideas for using Widgit Symbols and software.

Teaching and Learning
Enhancing Your Environment
Internet Access

If you would like to share any of your ideas for using Widgit Symbols, we'd love you to get in touch. You can share your ideas with us using our contact form.

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'Hello' National Year of Communication

Hello2011 is the 'Hello' National Year of Communication!


The 'Hello' campaign is being run by the Communication Trust, and aims to increase understanding of how important it is for children and young people to develop good communication skills.

Each month of the National Year of Communication has a theme which focuses on a particuar aspect of communication. We have been working with the support service Cenmac to create inclusive Widgit Symbol resources to support each of these monthly themes.


Download FREE resources supporting this exciting campaign!


Free resources and tutorials

Much of the information contained within each of the 101 Ideas will have corresponding free downloadable resources, as well as tutorials on how to make them yourself! All of these downloads will be available on this web page.


Look out for these two icons in each of the 101 ideas:


 Free resources and examples

 Free ‘do it yourself’ tutorials


Supporting Teaching and Learning

1. Topical vocabulary development with First Keys 3

Show learners a symbol image relating to a conversation or lesson theme, and challenge them to spell and type the corresponding word. Choose the level of support from the many options available.

Download the Ancient Greeks vocabulary activity
 FK3 greeks vocabulary.exe

Download the Quick Guide
 FK3 greeks vocabulary quickguide.pdf

Try First Keys 3 for yourself!
Download a FREE 21-day trial of First Keys 3

First Keys 3 Chariot Resource


2. Concept comprehension in Communicate: In Print

Use symbols and clipart to create scenes which allow learners to express understanding of a concept. Add items to a background to depict a situation or event which discussion can be centred around. Learners can point at or circle the answers.

Download the example as part of a Fire Safety pack
 CIP fire safety comprehension.exe

Download the Quick Guide
 CIP fire safety comprehension quickguide.pdf

Fire safety discussion resource



Helping with Organisation

3. Plan an event with Communicate: Ideas

Involve learners in expressing choice and organising events, regardless of their level of reading or communication ability. Presenting prepared symbol-supported choices allows participants to make a selection and drag it to the map to link it up. Creating a visual organiser has never been so easy!

Download the Planning Template
 CI planning a

Download the Quick Guide
 CI planning a party quickguide.pdf

Event planning mind map


4. Create shopping lists in Communicate: SymWriter

Get everyone involved in creating a shopping list with an interactive writing environment. With a click of a button, learners can register what is needed, print it out and be on their way!

Download the shopping list template environment and finished activity
 CSW shopping list.exe

Download the Quick Guide
 CSW shopping list quickguide.pdf

Try it for yourself!
Download a FREE 21-day trial of Communicate: SymWriter

Shopping list environment



Enhancing Your Environment

5. Make daily planners with Communicate: By Choice

Selecting from a field of choices, learners of all ages can communicate what they plan to do throughout the course of a day and then print it as a visual reference for themselves or those supporting them.

Use the switch setting for individuals with accessibility difficulties or use an interactive white board for group work.

Download the ‘Daily Planner to Support Adults’ activity
 CBC planning a day.exe

Download the Quick Guide
 CBC planning a day quickguide.pdf

Daily planner example


6. Pre-made, ready-to-install symbol door signs

Schools and learning establishments looking for a professional and durable signage system can utilise Widgit’s set of 25 signage tiles. Giving clear and consistent indicators for those who struggle to read or are new to the English language, these ready-to-install signs make an environment that is communication friendly.

Bespoke symbol signs are also available.
More information on Signage Tiles

Door signage tiles



Symbols on Your Website

7. Symbol support in your school’s learning platform

Widgit Symbols can be used in inclusive online learning platforms to provide symbol summaries for learners who struggle to read text.

Widgit Symbols are available to use in these learning platforms:

Ots LearningD B Primary

More details about using Widgit online tools can be found at:

Moodle screenshot


8. Symbols to support website navigation

Help struggling readers and speakers of other languages to navigate a website by using key symbols as icons and links. Using symbols to support text ensures that everyone can understand the website’s information!

Visit for a great example of symbols being used in this way!

Contact our Accessible Services Team for more information, by emailing:

Check The Map screenshot