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With the growth of the Internet, there is an increasing need to make websites more accessible to a wider range of visitors. Reacting to this demand, Widgit has developed innovative tools and resources that use symbols to improve access to information on websites.

SymWriter Online - Create, save and share symbol-supported documents in the online.

Point is a tool that uses Widgit Symbols to help visitors to your website better understand the written content.

Insite allows you to create and display symbol-supported content on your website.

Virtual Learning Environments have been integrated with Widgit's online tools to extend the use of symbols to learning platforms. provides news, information and popular interest stories with complete symbol support. Symbolworld is free and suitable for all ages.

Widgit Symbols Licencing are available for use of symbols online.


However you wish to present information, in print, onscreen or online; Widgit can provide inclusive symbol solutions to make it more accessible.

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Point on the eden site