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About Symbols

What are Symbols?

Symbols Symbols are images which are used to support text, making the meaning clearer and easier to understand. They provide a visual representation of a concept. Symbol Sets are comprehensive collections of images that give greater support than clip art or icon sets. Symbol Sets often follow a schematic structure, or set of design 'rules', that help the reader independently grow their own vocabulary.

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Widgit Symbols

class suport

The Widgit Symbol Set is used within all Widgit products. The simply-drawn, colourful symbols each illustrate a single concept in a clear and concise way. They cover a range of topics (including many curricular areas) wide enough to make them suitable for symbol users of all ages and abilities.

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Evidence of symbol use

Widgit Case Studies - See how Widgit Symbols are used in schools, local authorities and the wider community.

From the Symbols Inclusion Project:

Symbols in Education - Why we use symbols.
SIP Booklet.pdf - Symbols supporting inclusion in mainstream education.
SIP Case Studies - How symbols have affected pupils' behaviour and understanding.

Widgit's Accessible Design Services

Widgit's Accessibility Services

Widgit’s Accessible Design Services provide expert advice in the development of bespoke symbol resources. We can assist in symbol design, the creation of templates, symbol materials and more.

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Best practice guides

guides to symbols

Symbols should be used carefully when creating accessible materials. Overuse or inaccurate use of symbols in a document can make the information harder to understand. This section contains guides to using symbols effectively.

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Symbol Websites

The web is a great medium to spread information to a wide audience. Symbols can be used within a website to help give greater access to the content and include many more people.

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FREE Symbol Websites: