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How symbols are used

Learning Support

Symbols have a huge number of applications in schools and other educational settings.

Symbolisation of educational materials

Education materials with symbols can help students of all ages and abilities. Symbols make reading text less of a barrier to learning, making education fairer and more equal for all. We have a huge range of free, ready-made materials for use in all areas of the curriculum in schools, or teachers can use our software to create their own.


Flashcards with symbols help students learn new vocabulary and familiarise them with symbol use.

Visual timetables and ‘now and next’ cards

Games and worksheets with symbols enable increased interaction and provide additional visual stimulation and motivation to learn. Behaviour and discipline are improved for many students as they can be more easily engaged in curriculum topics through symbol-supported instructions and worksheets.

Behaviour symbols

Behaviour symbols and rules can either be displayed in the classroom or carried by the pupils themselves and can prove an invaluable support in enabling pupils to regulate their own behaviour.

Behaviour symbols

Feelings, choice and opinion cards enable children to communicate their emotions and views when they are unable to articulate them verbally or in writing.

Visual timetables and ‘now and next’ cards

Visual timetables and ‘now and next’ cards enable children to understand routines throughout the school day, reducing anxiety and improving learning and behaviour.


Labelling areas helps children to organise themselves. Labelling cupboards and drawers makes it easier for children to find what
they need, improving independence.


Displays are a visual representation of a topic to support learning. The visual impact of the display along with the symbol reminders encourages struggling learners and increases motivation and self esteem.

Computer activities

Computer activities can be a valuable tool for supporting any topic or task, either as a whole class activity or for individual work. There are a wide range of symbol-supported educational programs available.

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