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Sacha communicating with symbols at home

By Sacha's mother


Sacha is nearly 20-years-old and he has a diagnosis of Autism, Dyspraxia and Epilepsy. He is non-verbal. We have been using 'Writing with Symbols' for a number of years to help Sacha to communicate. We have used this programme to prepare various communication aids for Sacha, which have developed as he has progressed in his development.

Currently, we use the programme to produce and update a letter board - one side of which features symbols that he uses regularly, whilst the other side is a qwerty keyboard so he can spell out other words/ sentences.

The main form of communication Sacha uses is his communication book, which has about 40 pages covering the following areas:
Introduction, questions, toileting, time, food, drink, places, activities, transport, leisure, work, my things, clothes, feelings - emotions and health, calendar, photos of his staff team, family and friends, cycling, maths, art, music, the park, swimming, road safety, shopping, numbers and a letter board.

Sacha's communication bookSacha's communication book coverSacha's communication bookSacha's Communication Book

Sacha also has a day board in his room, where we use symbols to show him his timetable for the day. This includes ‘when, ’what’, ‘who’, ‘where’, the date and weather. In addition, Sacha also has a small pocket book with photos and symbols to help him with transitions throughout the day.

We are keen to have InPrint so that we can upgrade Sacha's communication aids and make them a bit more age-appropriate.

I hope this case study gives you some idea of how invaluable this software has been for my son. "


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