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Winford Centre for Children and Women

Supporting children with special needs in Nigeria

Winford Centre Nigeria

The Winford Centre for Children and Women is a Nigerian based non-profit organisation. The Centre is dedicated to supporting children with developmental and learning difficulties, as well as empowering disadvantaged women towards the maximum fulfilment of their life potentials.

Their focus is to deliver the highest standard of learning and welfare support, in order to ensure that people who are challenged in these areas can live fulfilled and independent lives.

One of the key areas of support that is needed for children with special needs in Nigeria continues to be education. Unfortunately, due to poverty and a lack of resources, many educators and caregivers cannot support these children.

When The Winford Centre Director, Basirat Razaq-Shuaib contacted Widgit to see if we had any old software to give away - or sell at low cost - we recognised the need and provided the team with InPrint 3 software at no cost.

The Centre team have been able to create free visual aids for educators and families using InPrint3. To date, they have been able to reach over 300 autistic children and their families using the software. Basirat Razaq-Shuaib, The Winford Centre Director commented:

“From the feedback we have received so far, users found the visual aids created with InPrint 3 very useful, especially for daily routines which were challenging to teach. Without the Widgit software and visual aids, many users would have resorted to verbal instructions or drawn the symbols using free hand.”

Find out more about their work at: www.thewinfordcentre.org

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Supporting children with special needs at the Winford Centre

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