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The Children with Disabilities Service, Doncaster Council

Adding Widgit Symbol support to the 'Fusion' website for young people, with 'Point'


Doncaster Fusion is a website provided by Doncaster Council for young people in the Borough of Doncaster. The website features news, information about things to do in the area and local clubs and groups, help with decisions about the future and advice on life issues, such as relationships, travel and health. The Fusion website is run by young people, and the council involved young people in its design.

In order to make the information on the website accessible to all young people in the Doncaster area, Widgit’s online symbol support tool ‘Point’ was implemented on the Doncaster Fusion website.

Any visitor to the website can now hover their mouse over a word on the website to see a symbol appear which illustrates the word’s meaning, providing an instant 'helping hand' in understanding any words they are unsure of. The visual support that Point provides is very discreet – the support is there for those who need it, but won’t be a distraction for those who don’t.

The Point support is a great tool for young people visiting the Fusion website who may struggle with reading – whether a young person with a learning impairment or communication challenge, or a young person for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL). Being able to control this on-demand symbol support gives them the chance to browse the website independently, whilst also increasing their understanding of the words within the website's content.

Point on the Doncaster Fusion website


"The Children with Disabilities service in Doncaster Council had been using Widgit to develop better communication with the children and young people we support. This proved very successful, as it promoted our Person Centred approach and enabled more children and young people to engage with us.

"Whilst attending a free training workshop hosted by Widgit, it was mentioned that the company would like a local authority to 'Widgit-enable' their website. It seemed a natural progression for us in Doncaster, as we have a dedicated website for young people called 'Fusion'. This website is for young people about young people, and signposts to useful information about activities, travel, careers, education, relationships and much more!

"A one-year licence for Widgit's Point tool was purchased. This has proved very successful and we have received great feedback - especially from the Youth Service, who feel that Widgit Symbols have enhanced the website and given wider access to information and services.

"An organisation that provides services both locally and nationally has commented that they have found the Widgit-enabled site very useful and use it on a regular basis.

"We were delighted with the response and have already purchased a further five-year licence."

- Julie Magee - Project Development Officer, Disabled Children's Resources, Doncaster Council

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