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Lerrner Entitlement

Learner Entitlement

Symbol Documents and Questionnaires from Coventry & Warwickshire Learning and Skills Council

The Coventry & Warwickshire Learning and Skills Council produced Learner Entitlement Packs for all students aged 14-19. This was given to them at the start of the school year to explain the committment given by the learning providers and the responsibilties placed on the students when taking part in a learning programme.

Widgit worked with them to create this document in 3 different formats: A symbol-supported version, a fully symbolised version and a quick reference mini booklet. These catered for varying levels of reading ability.


Symbolised LE    symbolised le
Fully symbolised version, with all information carrying words symbolised

supported le    Supported le
Symbol-supported version, with new and difficult words symbolised

Reference mini booklet with simplified text

Student Questionnaire

At the end of each year this is followed up by the Learner Survey.

Widgit created fully symbolised and symbol supported level versions of the questionnaire.

AnswersIt was decided to make as many of the questions as possible 'yes/no' answers. Also there is always a '?' answer. This can by ticked if the student has not understood the question.


             Full symbol version        Symbol Supported version     Simplified Text Version

Symbol questionnaire   supported l questionnaire   text l questionnaire

"Widgit have an excellent understanding of the issues regarding inclusion for young people/students/pupils with learning difficulties. Their input has directly impacted on ensuring students have accessible mainstream information which in turn promotes understanding, confidence and self-esteem. Their professional, responsive style and the quality of the final product has ensured customer satisfaction. "

Wendy Skyte, Coventry and Warwickshire 14 - 19 Special Schools Co-ordinator

For information visit Coventry & Warwickshire Learning and Skills Council


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