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Widgit PC Products
- Individual products, extension licences and bundles

InPrint 3
SymWriter 2
Communicate: By Choice
Communicate: Ideas
First Keys 3
My 1st Mouse

Widgit Online

Individual Accounts
Group Accounts

Dual Language Feature Pack

Online Tools


Communicate Series Add-ons Third Party Softwarwe

Snaps Photo Library
Widgit Health Symbols 2013

Signing graphic sets Third Party Softwarwe

Let's Sign BSL
Makaton Databases
Signalong Sexual Awareness
Signalong Basic Vocabulary Phase 1

Widgit Symbols

Widgit Symbols for Clicker
Widgit Symbol Metafile Collection
Widgit V.I. Symbols
The Widgit Symbol Glossary

Books and materials

Maths Pack
Literacy, Symbol and Social Justice
Pupil Voice
The Widgit Symbol Glossary
ICE Communication Cards
First Aid Booklet
First Responce Book
Patient Communication Sheet

Writing with Symbols 2000

Writing with Symbols in no longer available. Please call 01926 333680 to discuss alternative software options.

Widgit PC Products are available in three ways:

Third Party SoftwarweIndividual Product Purchases
Single or multiple user licences for one of our products

Third Party SoftwarweSoftware Extensions

Additional licences to your existing products

Third Party SoftwarweBundle Purchases

Special discount pricing for single or multiple user licences of combined products

Third Party SoftwarweSite Licences

Unlimited Installations of any Widgit Software title at a massively discounted price.


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