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Do you already have InPrint 2 and would like to upgrade to InPrint 3?
Widgit is offering special pricing for a limited time only.

Contact our office for a quote.*       Phone: 01926 333680       Email: info@widgit.com

*Please note proof of purchase is required.

  • If you purchased from Widgit, we can search for your order in our database.
  • If you have purchased from another vendor, we will need a copy of either a purchase order or delivery receipt.

InPrint 3

Product Information

Save 25%

Save 15%

  Standard price
in 2016
Purchased anytime
before 2016
Single installation  £179  £134.25 £152.15
Five installations  £459  £344.25 £390.15
Ten installations  £639  £479.25 £543.15
Twenty installations  £819  £614.25 £696.15
Site Licence  £1,899  £1424.25 £1,614.15


All prices are quoted ex VAT.



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