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Licensing information for PC products

Our licences are geographical site licences

These are for installation on a SINGLE geographical site only.

A Geographical Site Licence is purchased to install the software on a specified number of machines located on a single geographical site. We class a geographical site as buildings which are part of the same organisation* and within 5 miles of each other.

* For schools and colleges, one DFE number is defined as one organisation'

Licences are available for installation for single machines or for multiple machines (5, 10,15 etc) on a site. A licence can be extended at any time, normally for the difference in price between the new licence, and the licence currently held.

The only exception to the single site restriction is the use of a licence on the personal home machine of a teacher or worker, provided that the purchasing organisation has available licences for the product you wish to install. Please note if the purchasing organisation only has a single licence, additional licences must be purchased to allow home use. Use of the software is only for the preparation of work for the place of employment. Installation on a home machine is only valid whilst the person is employed by the purchasing organisation.


Organisations wishing to install the Communicate Series on multiple sites should contact 01926 333680

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