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iPad app to develop student's skills in using verbs.

Available for £5.99 from iTunes

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Symbols-Verbs has been designed to introduce and develop the student’s skills in using verbs. The students will develop and practise their ability to recognise verbs and correctly use present and past tense. These activities are ideal for home, classroom and therapy use and have been developed in conjunction with education and speech and language professionals.

Featuring Widgit symbols, engaging illustrations and clear recorded speech, Symbol-Verbs gives the student the support they need to understand and use present and past tenses. The recorded speech gives natural intonations and tone with positive reinforcements to guide the user through the activities.

There are two levels of activities.


Ways to Buy

AppleFor iPad    
Symbol-Verbs £5.99 App Store
Symbols2Write Bundle  £23.96 
App Store

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Available for parents at £4.99 and a school site licence at £49 for the set of three applications in the Symbols2Write series


Activities in the App

Present Tense
Made with adding 'es' / 'ies'

Who is in the Picture 

Present Progressive tense
With 'ing'

Who is in the Picture 

Present tense
Adding 'is' or 'are'

Who is in the Picture 

Irregular past tense

Who is in the Picture 

Past tense
with 'was' and 'were'

Who is in the Picture 

Rewards - Responses on each screen rewarded with graded stars

Who is in the Picture 

Certificates to print
- shows the student’s achievement.

Who is in the Picture 



These resources were developed in partnership with Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.

Illustrations by Alan Birch, alanbirch@blueyonder.co.uk

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