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New Features of Version 2

  • Integration with Widgit Online

    Create, save and share symbol-supported documents in a web browser.

    SymWriter onlineWhat is Widgit Online?
    Widgit Online allows you to create, save and share symbol documents, vocabulary grids and activities in a web browser.

    SymWriter 2 and Widgit Online documents are completely compatible for total flexibility.

    • Store and manage your documents online
    • Access your work from anywhere with an internet connection
    • Create new documents
    • Upload and download documents to work with SymWriter 2.
    • Make documents public to share with anyone

    Widgit Online contains all of the document writing features
    of SymWriter 2.

  • New specialist Language Pictures

    Support language development using a new collection of graphics that help convey meaning.

    SymWriter now features an additional 339 graphics that can be used to support language development. The graphics can be used to help convey the meaning of: prepositions, opposites, sequences, and sentences such as (subject – verb – objects).

    these graphics can be accessed from the Language Pictures folder in the Graphics Browser and they also feature in the SymWriter example files: Picture 1 – 5.

    belowabovesequence 1Sequence 2

    Images in the Language Pictures set were developed by Alan Birch (alanbirch@blueyonder.co.uk) and included with permission from Sandwell and West Birmingham hospitals NHS Trust.

  • New accessible default font: FS Me

    A new standard in legibility

    SymWriter now features a default font that was designed by Fontsmith, and endorsed by Mencap to aid legibility for those with learning disabilities: FS Me.

    FS ME

    You can find out more about FS Me at: www.fontsmith.com/projects/portfolio/mencap-fs-me.cfm

  • Format Painter

    Copy and paste formatting properties across Documents and Environments.

    The Format Painter is a new tool that can be used to copy the formatting properties (font, colours, symbol size, text size etc,.) from any content in your Document or Environment. Using the Format Painter, you can easily ensure consistent formatting throughout your writing and grids.

    format painter

  • Choose which symbols appear by default

    Configure your personal symbol preferences, or stop certain symbols from appearing in your document altogether.

    set default symbolIn SymWriter 2, you can update your symbol preferences straight from the Symbol Chooser. If you would like a specific symbol to appear whenever you type a particular word, simply right-click and set it as the default. The next time you type the word, SymWriter will detect if it is being used in the same way (e.g. as a noun or a verb) and show your chosen symbol.

    If you don't want a symbol to appear at all for a particular word, set the default symbol to 'No symbol'. This can be useful for people who are new to symbols where abstract symbols like 'a', 'the' and 'but' could be a distraction.

  • New method for dropping in graphics

    Insert graphics into your document with greater control and precision.

    Whether you are adding graphics, symbols or images from your computer or the Internet; you will now have greater control over where they can be inserted.

    Version 1

    graphic drop iconsIn SymWriter 1, you would have to decide whether you were inserting a graphic or replacing a symbol and click the appropriate button. Then, if you were inserting a graphic, the only indication of where the graphic might appear in the document would be the thumbnail attached to the mouse cursor.

    Version 1 graphics

    Version 2

    In SymWriter 2, you can simply select a graphic or symbol from the Symbol Chooser, then use the grey positioning box that appears to accurately insert the image wherever you want it to appear in your document.

    Drop over an empty space - the image becomes an illustration
    drop in space arrowparagraph graphic

    Drop over a symbol - the image replaces the symbol

    drop on symbol arrowbecomes a symbol

  • Soft returns

    Change the way you structure your writing.

    You will now be able to use soft returns (Shift + Enter) in your writing. If, for example, you would like to use a paragraph graphic and start every new sentence on a new line, a soft return will enable you to do so without the next sentence starting on a new paragraph (underneath the graphic).

    soft returns

  • More control over symbols

    See the meaning of every word combination as it is typed.

    The Symbol Chooser will detect all the potential symbols associated with a word or group of words as they are typed, and will offer all possible combinations of symbolisation.

    SymWriter Version 1:
    (no option for 'walking stick')

    SymWriter 1

    SymWriter 2: 
    (all options with labels)

    symwriter 2

  • Double side panels

    Configure your SymWriter layout to suit how you would like to work.

    You can now maximise the space at the side of the Document or Environment by choosing to show a Double Panel that will display both the Symbols tab and Graphics tab simultaneously.

    Graphics Panelgraphics panel
    Symbols Panel symbols panel
    Double Paneldouble panel
  • Split Cells

    More freedom when editing Grids.

    In SymWriter 1, the options for splitting cells in Design Mode were limited. Now when you are creating Environments, you can split any Cell or multiple Cells at once. You can split Cells vertically or horizontally, regardless of whether they have previously been merged. The split Cells will inherit any formatting properties that have been applied to the Cell or Cells they were created from.

    split cells

    Original grid
    graphics panel
    Split Cells horizontaly
    symbols panel
    Split Cells vertically
    double panel
  • Resize individual rows and columns

    Modify your Grids and Cells with drag points to create the exact layout you want..

    You can quickly customise the size of specific Cells in Grids while designing an Environment. This can be achieved by simply highlighting a Cell (or Cells) and then using the drag points around the border of the selection.

    This can be useful if you would like a Grid featuring sentence starters in the first column of cells followed by single word sentence closers.

    original grid     resized column

  • Copy actions across multiple Cells

    Apply Cell actions across as many items as you like.

    coy and paste cell actionsYou can copy the assigned Actions from any Cell or Button for the purpose of adding them to others. This is particularly useful when you have many Cells in an Environment that you wish to function in the same way.

  • Tab between Cells

    Move from Cell to Cell more quickly.

    tab between cellsWhen typing content into Cells, you can use the Tab key on your keyboard to swiftly move from one Cell to the next, from left to right. If you want to move in the reverse direction, you can hold the Shift key and press Tab.

  • Recently used actions list

    Easy access to your most recently used actions.

    recent actionsSymWriter 2 keeps a list of your most recently used actions, so you have quick and easy access to them when creating environments.

  • Session defaults for Grids and Stages

    Automatically store your preferences for your Environment's appearance.

    session defaultsWhilst making an Environment, SymWriter will remember your Grid and Stage properties, such as colours and borders, so that when you make the next item the properties will be the same. This makes it easy to create consistent, good-looking Environments.

  • New switch scanning features

    Set up a personalised configuration for Switch users.

    There are now more features for switch users including directional scan mode, the ability to use the mouse as a switch and customisable settings for auditory scans, automatic scan speeds and coloured indicators.

  • New launcher

    Create different interfaces to customise the program for your users.

    new launcherThe new launcher presents users with easy to  navigate options for how they intend to use SymWriter.

    Users can set up a completely personalised SymWriter account for themselves with an accompanying user icon of their choice.

  • New Wordlist  Manager

    Manage and modify how your symbols and wordlists work.

    The Wordlist Manager provides an opportunity to manage and create your own wordlists. 
    A wordlist is a file that links words with graphics. If you type "cat" in Symbol Mode while using SymWriter, the loaded wordlist will automatically display the graphic associated with the word "cat".

    By using the Wordlist Manager, you will be able to refine the way that SymWriter works; customising wordlists for your particular activity or personal vocabulary


    wordlist manager


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