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Widgit VI Symbols
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2,400 new modified symbols for learners with a visual impairment

Widgit have finished a two year long research project looking at how symbols can be made more appropriate for people with a visual impairment.
The results from this are 2,400 modified symbols, based on the Widgit Literacy Symbols, and 3 extensive packs of resources.

Key design modifications

The key factors considered when modifying existing symbols were:

  • line thickness
  • the clutter of a symbol
  • the proximity of multiple images within a symbol
  • the colour contrast and use of colour to contextualise the symbol
  • visual perception of an image and the 'readability' of the symbol


''We feel that they (the modified symbols) are either good or better than the original version. Overall, the new symbols may turn out to be preferable to the originals, not just an alternate version?''

Stuart Aitken
Psychologist and Visual Impairment Specialist, CALL Edinburgh

Sally Millar
AAC Specialist, CALL Scotland


''I have to say that I think it is a great outcome of this project to see a coherent and consistent set of symbols produced that pay attention to the visual clarity that is needed by low vision symbol users.''

Steve Rose,
Speech and Language Therapist
The Bridge School and Professional Training Centre, London


''I prefer these symbols to the standard ones - they are simpler and therefore better for people with learning difficulties and being simpler they are also quicker to scan for people with physical difficulties. Well done.''

Jackie Stubbs
Speech and Language Therapist
North East Essex PCT NHS

VI Symbols






DownloadsDownload the full documentation

This includes the full project aims, conclusions and details of all the resources



Widgit V.I. Symbol Development Project Acknowledgement of Contributors


Resources provided with the symbols

There are 3 packs of resources:

Visual Skills
Numeracy Skills
Speech and Language/ Literacy Skills

These resources have been designed for children with a visual impairment. They will also benefit children in the Foundation stage, children at KS1 and children with speech and language or learning difficulties. These resources are not presented in any sequential order of difficulty. They have been designed to provide resources for classroom or assessment use and equally they can be modified and used as a template for your own ideas!

The resources have been designed to be printed in colour but have been rigorously tested when printed in black and white to ensure that there is good colour contrast in grey scale.

The tasks give an opportunity to assess and develop the following areas:

Technical support

Update your wordlist - for over 70 new symbols in your V.I. set


Recommended running specification :
InPrint 2 or By Choice or SymWriter

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