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Acknowledgement of Contributors

Acknowledgements to contributors to the new V.I. Widgit Symbols

The project was co-ordinated by Katharine Norman, V.I. specialist from Warwickshire's Integrated Disability Service, Teaching and Learning (DISCS). Drawings were done by Cate Detheridge and Ruby Bhachu.

The consultative group
This group worked consistently throughout the 12 months of the development phase of the project. We are very grateful for the quality, consistency and speed of their responses throughout the project. Without them the work would not have reached such a high standard.

Lynn Baldwick

Support Service for Visual Impairment, Derby

Maggie Craig

Support Service for Visual Impairment, Cambridge

Penny Frost

Norfolk Education Sensory Support

Heidi Lorenz

Visual Impairment Team, Sensory Service, Powys

Ruth McMorran

Physical & Sensory Support Service, Surrey

Lisbeth Meek

Chailey Heritage School, Lewes

Chris Painter


Iona Phillips

Brimble Hill School, Swindon

Cathy Rooney

Physical and Sensory Support Service, Addlestone

Marie Smith

Exhall Grange School, Coventry

Jackie Stubbs

North East Essex PCT

Helen Wythers

Linden Lodge School, London

Catherine Southwell

Qualified Teacher of Visually Impaired , Wolverhampton

Janet Larcher

Independent Consultant

Paul Nevitt

City Literary Institute, London

Steve Rose

The Bridge School and Professional Training Centre, London

Sarah Morley Wilkins

RNIB Centre for Accessible Information

Sally Millar

CALL Centre, Edinburgh

Stuart Aitken

CALL Centre, Edinburgh

Vicky Taylor

Sensory Support Service, Buckinghamshire

Dave Mitchell

Sensory Support Service, Worcestshire


V.I. Symbols for the Communicate Series

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