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Widgit Metafile Collection

Widgit Symbols for use in other software. File formats are .emf .jpg and .png

Widgit Symbol Collection 2013Widgit Symbols

An index of all the Widgit Symbols arranged into catagories. Available as PDF download.


French Language

Create French symbol documents with this language add on for SymWriter.

Widgit Health Symbols

A collection of symbols specifically designed for use in healthcare settings. Add-on for InPrint 3, InPrint 2 and SymWriter

Widgit Symbols for Clicker

Over 10,000 Widgit Symbols support Clicker 5/6 and Close Pro activities

Widgit VI Symbols

2,400 new modified symbols for learners with a visual impairment for InPrint 2 and SymWriter


The grid player

ProxTalker and ProxPAD communication devices from LoganTech

The ProxTalker and ProxPAD communication devices are an exciting mid-tech device which uses RFID technology to retrieve vocabulary stored on sound tags to produce REAL words. Ideal for any picture exchange system user, of any age and is being used for communication or as a classroom tool.

Read more about the ProxTalker and ProxPAD

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