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Widgit Symbols Metafile Collection

The Widgit Symbol Set as metafiles for use in other software

The Metafile Collection is for personal use only. If you want to use Widgit Symbols commercially, please contact us at copyright@widgit.com.

Widgit Symbols are protected under copyright. For more information, see our copyright and publishing guidance

A set of over 12,000 vector drawn Widgit Symbols in colour, for use with Windows compatible machines. Each picture is a separate file with its own file name and may be imported into other programs which allow you to import pictures. This includes programs such as PowerPoint, Word, and many others. The pictures in the Widgit Metafiles are the same as the pictures in InPrint and SymWriter.

The symbols come in three formats: .emf, .png and .jpg and are readable by both Windows and Mac.

The Widgit Symbol metafiles collection includes the Spring 2013 symbol update.

Please note that these images do not include the part of speech indicators.

More information about the Widgit Symbol Set

Widgit Literacy Symbols

Science - a selection of key symbols to support QCA Science units from Years 1, 2 and 3



History - Romans, Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and World War II topics



Maths - support for the National Numeracy Strategy primary mathematical vocabulary developed in partnership with Alderwasley Hall School



ICT - symbols to support the practical use of computers and technology



Entertainment - sports, films and pop culture



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