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RE Resource Bundle

RE Resource Bundle

The religions bundle contains the 6 individual religions packs; Buddhism, Christianity, Hindusim, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

Each religion contains a set of 5 books and 10 activities.

Teaching materials for each pack include books supported in 5 different levels.

There are also a symbolised vocabulary lists to use alongside the story books and activities.

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  • Buddhism Books
  • Buddhism Activities
  • Buddhism Vocabulary List


  • Hindusim Books
  • Hindusim Activities
  • Hindusim Vocabulary List


  • Judaism Books
  • Judaism Activities
  • Judaism Vocabulary List


  • Christianity Books
  • Christianity Activities
  • Christianity Vocabulary List


  • Islam Books
  • Islam Activities
  • Islam Vocabulary List


  • Sikhism Books
  • Sikhism Activities
  • Sikhism Vocabulary List

One Symbol Book
One Symbol Book

True or False
True or False

Match Word to Picture
Match Word to Picture

Supported BookSupported Book

Vocabulary ListVocabulary List

Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice


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