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Chailey Communication System (CCS)

The Chailey Communication System (CCS) is a low tech communication book with symbols.

The CCS refers to the way that the vocabulary is laid out in the book: it has 16 categories, each with a number of subcategories and potentially an unlimited number of vocabulary items. 

Chailey Heritage Clinical Services and Chailey Heritage School are specialist centres in Sussex for children and adults with complex neurodisabilities.

The Clinical Services (part of Sussex Community NHS Trust) works closely with the school who provide special education services for children and young people aged 3-19 years old. Chailey Heritage School

Chailey Heritage Clinical Services


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CCS books with 6, 15 or 45 vocabulary items per page are now available in order to allow for a wider range of users to access the system.  Each of these versions could be printed in black and white or colour; each of these could be made in A4 or A5. 

There is not necessarily progression through the 3 versions.  Assessment is needed in order to determine the most appropriate version for an individual. 

The CCS is organised in to 16 categories:

  1. About me
  2. Questions
  3. People
  4. Places
  5. Activities
  6. Mealtimes
  7. Body
  8. Clothes
  9. Animals
  10. Transport
  11. Actions
  12. Descriptions
  13. Time
  14. World
  15. Phrases
  16. Alphabet

Vocabulary items may be found in more than one category depending on their context.

Despite what might at first appear to be a rigid structure, the CCS provides huge flexibility – it can be used to express single words, short phrases and complex novel phrases.

Categories are colour coded to assist with learning, these are largely based on the Fitzgerald key, with some additional colours added such as time = gold as in gold watch and world = brown as in earth. 

For more information about the pack, see the CCS Manual

6 about me

15 about me

45 about me




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