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Olympics & Paralympics 2012

This pack contains 14 files which include activities, information and resource materials to support the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

Counting activit

There are 6 activities for students, three information materials and resources including flash cards of sports and country flags and two vocabulary lists.

The resource materials, with the flash cards and vocabulary lists, provide useful symbol supported materials that will compliment other materials you may be already planning to use.


pdf file Olympics 2012.pdf

Download a zip of all the symbol resources

Olympics 2012 Symbols Add-on

Download Olympic 2012 Wordlists for InPrint 2 and SymWriter.



pdf file favourite-sports-survey.pdf

Choose 4 sports and survey your friends to see which is the most popular. A sample sheet plus a Blank sheet and set of sports tiles to choose from

pdf fileindividual-results-sheet.pdf

Fill in for your favourite sport to record the result. This could be used in advance to record who won in 2008

pdf filename-the-sport-large.pdf

4 pages, each with 4 sports. Copy or cut and stick the correct names.

pdf filetrue-or-false.pdf

A page of statements to mark true or false

pdf filewhich-sports.pdf

A page of questions. Identify 2 out of the 4 sports. For example sports that are held in a swimming pool

pdf filewordsearch.pdf

Two word searches. Includes a page with the target words showing symbols as help.


Information Booklets:

pdf fileolympic-information-book.pdf

A short booklet about the Olympics.

pdf fileolympic-timeline.pdf

A sheet with the key events – opening and closing of the Olympics and Paralympics

pdf fileolympics-key-facts.pdf

More advanced information on some of the main sport events, showing when and where they will be played.


Flashcards and vocabulary sheets:

pdf fileolympic-country-flags.pdf

82 Flags for different countries participating. Two additional sheets with extra cards of the countries that traditionally win more medals.

pdf filesports-cards-medium.pdf

5 pages of 18 sports cards to use in the Individual results activity. Useful for displays and supporting other activities

pdf filesports-cards-large.pdf

48 Larger sports cards

pdf filesports-vocab-short.pdf

Vocabulary reference sheets to help word recognition and spelling. 3 pages with the main sports

pdf filesports-vocab-long.pdf

Vocabulary reference sheets to help word recognition and spelling. 6 pages with most sports plus other Olympic vocabulary

results sheets

timelinewhich sports

name the sport vocab list

survey true or false

key facts information book

medium cardslarge cards

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