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A comprehensive resource pack compromising of 6 fully symbolised books and 25 activities based on the subject of woodlands

Woodland Symbol Materials

The Woodland resource pack covers climate, environment, habitat and the identification of British trees and wildlife. The pack is aimed at KS1 and KS2 and provides information on what a woodland is and the animals and plants that live within the different types of woodlands.


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This pack has 2 sets of reading books, in 5 different reading styles and a set of 12 activities.


Woodland and Climate
Woodland and Environment
Woodland and Habitat
Woodland Identifying Trees
Woodland UK Trees
Woodland UK Wildlife


Bark Rubbing
Board Game
Building A Den
Card Pairs - Trees
Card Pairs - Wildlife
Checklist - Autumn and Winter
Checklist - Spring and Summer
Draw and Colour Trees
Draw and Colour Wildlife
Habitat Sorting
How Many Leaves
I Can See
Insects and Minibeasts
Journey Stick
Match Pictures - Fruits
Match Pictures - Leaves
Match Pictures - Trees
Match Word to Picture
Odd One Out
Puzzle Paths Trees
Puzzle Paths Wildlife
Sort the Animals
Sorting Activities Woodland
Symbol Word Cards - Trees
Symbol Word Cards - Wildlife

Woodland UK Wildlife Symbol Book
Winter Checklist Symbol Activity

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