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Self assessment and behaviour prompts

Three environments for promoting positive behaviour and enabling self assessment

Two activities to use with a child to write about how they feel about themselves. These are appropriate for use at school with a teacher or assistant, or at home talking about school. The third is for parents or teachers to print flash cards with key behaviour prompts or reminders.

self assessment and behaviour prompts


Pack Name Application Price  
01 How I did today SymWriter 2 FREE
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02 Behaviour – feelings SymWriter 2 FREE
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03 Behaviour prompts to print SymWriter 2 FREE
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pdf fileThese Environments are for SymWriter 2

If you have SymWriter 1 you can get a FREE upgrade to version 2
here: SymWriter 2 Upgrade


01 How I did today

Self assessment about working at school

The first grid has a blank cell for the student’s name. Click on the ‘Quick edit’ button to type the name and ideally add a photo. Using 'Quick edit' allows you to make a temporary change while you are using the Activity. To make the change more permanent choose ‘Design Mode' from the 'Tools menu’. You can then use Save As to keep your changes.

The other grids cover good behaviour and success or need for help is specific subjects/lessons.

how I did today

02 Behaviour – feelings

Self assessment about feelings

Student use this to write about how they feel now and then to reflect on their feelings during the day. The grids can be edited to meet the circumstances, and the last grid has blank cells for extra content. The grids have vocabulary for:

  • How I feel now – good feelings,
  • How I feel now – less good feelings.
  • How I felt at school
  • How the people acted towards me

There isn’t a starting grid with the name, but personal details could be recorded by typing or added to the last grid.

behaviour environment - feelings

03 Behaviour prompts to print

A resource for printing out flash cards for behaviour prompts

12 grids each with 8 cells containing common behaviour prompts and reminders, plus two blank screens for adding additional items. The default setting in the document places large graphics ready for printing and cutting to make flash cards. Change the text and graphic sizes in the document to make smaller cards.

behaviour prompts to print environment

Where to put your files

These activities (.swe files) need to be put into your Environments folder. You may wish to organise your downloaded activities into sub-folders within this folder. The standard paths to these folders are:

XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Widgit Shared\SymWriter\Environments

Win 7 and Win 8 C:\Users\Public\Documents\Widgit Shared\SymWriter\Environments


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