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Space Words

Topic vocabulary to support writing

A single activity with grids featuring words associated with space which are arranged alphabetically to aid topic specific writing. 

Space environemnt


Pack Name Application Price  
Space Words SymWriter 2 FREE
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pdf fileThese Environments are for SymWriter 2

If you have SymWriter 1 you can get a FREE upgrade to version 2
here: SymWriter 2 Upgrade


A set of 3 grids with symbols for space travel and planets. Word sets like this are useful for helping to extend vocabulary and to give writers ideas to extend writing.

Space words

Where to put your files

These activities (.swe files) need to be put into your Environments folder. You may wish to organise your downloaded activities into sub-folders within this folder. The standard paths to these folders are:

XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Widgit Shared\SymWriter\Environments

Win 7 and Win 8 C:\Users\Public\Documents\Widgit Shared\SymWriter\Environments


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