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Basic Writing

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Video 01

Write in symbols
See the easiest way of writing with symbol support.


Video 02

Working with a fixed frame
This shows you how to write in a special frame where you can easily make the contents fill the space available.


Video 03

Working with text
You can write in text and switch just the odd symbol on to illustrate the more important words.


Video 04

Text and symbol mode
This video compares the two modes of writing – with symbol support and with just text


Video 05

Saving symbol choices
You can personalise your choice of symbols and save these choices so they are automatically chosen when the program is run again later.


Video 06

The Graphics Browser
This shows you how to place a photo or other image anywhere on the screen and how it can be re-positioned and sized.


Video 07

Adding a graphic to a word
See the way in which a photo or other image can be used with a word instead of a standard symbol.


Video 08

Changing the word attached to a symbol
This is an important topic which shows you how to add an alternative word to any symbol.



Grids and Tables


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Video 09

Making a simple table
This shows the simple way of making a table using a frame as the base for each cell.


Video 10

Merging and unmerging cells
In a table you can merge cells together, and unmerge them if you make a mistake or change your mind.


Video 11

Adjusting row height and column width
Here you see how to change the width of a column or the height of a row.


Video 12

Making a more complex table
This video shows how to make a more interesting table layout with space between a heading row and the rest of the table.


Video 13

Making a table of a set size
Sometimes you need to make a table with specific dimensions. This shows you how to achieve this.


Video 14

Insert and delete rows and columns
This shows how to insert and delete rows, and how to insert and delete columns.


Video 15

Putting graphics in table cells
See the way in which a photo or other image can be used to fill a frame or a cell in a table.




Further Topics


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Video 16

Speech Bubbles and Arranging
Use speech bubbles with symbolised text (or just text). This helps make a more interesting document. Learn how to arrange objects front to back.


Video 17

Colouring a graphic
Widgit Symbols and Widgit Pictures can have the colouring of the images changed. This video shows how to do that.


Video 18

Skin tones and monochrome symbols
It is sometimes useful to use black and white symbols instead of coloured images. There is also the facility for changing the skin tone of all relevant symbols.


Video 19

Landscape orientation
This very short, but important, video shows you how to set up the paper in Landscape mode.


Video 20

Changing the frame appearance
The appearance of the frame around writing and in tables can be changed in appearance in a variety of ways.


Video 21

Saving and loading
This section describes the two areas where files can be stored according to whether they are private or shared


Video 22

This video shows how to print a document as single pages or as a book ready to fold and staple.


Video 23

Inserting deleting and numbering pages – master items
This video shows how to insert and delete pages. Also shown is how to number pages using master items.


Video 24

Whiteboard and other layout features
There is a way of making the program easier to use on a whiteboard – also the complexity of toolbars can be changed.



For more demo videos and tutorial videos visit our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/widgitsoftware

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