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InPrint 3 Support

Getting Started

 The Launcher (1:28)

When you open InPrint 3 you will be presented with the launcher screen. From here you have access to a number of resources and options.

 Open a Ready-Made Template (1:06)

InPrint 3 comes with a wide variety of ready-made templates you can use as starting points for your resources. To access the templates, select the Templates option from the launcher or File Tab.

 Open a Resource Pack (1:01)

Widgit produce a wide range of symbol-supported materials available from our website. InPrint 3 comes with a number of pre-installed example files that you can print out or customise.


 Writing Content (1:01)

InPrint3 comes with over 15,000 Widgit Symbols to allow you create a wide variety of symbol supported documents. Write in symbols, write in text and illustrate text with symbols.

 The Smart Symboliser (0:58)

When you type in symbols, Widgit's ‘smart symboliser’ analyses the parts of speech in the sentences and picks the correct symbol accordingly.

 The Symbol Chooser (1:35)

The Symbol Chooser displays the available symbols for words and phrases as you type and allows you to select an alternative as well as set your defaults.

 Using the Spell Checker (1:32)

InPrint 3 has a pictorial spellchecker. This feature can assist with symbol suggestions to help understand the meaning of words and help the correction process.


 Making a Table (1:35)

You can use tables in your InPrint 3 documents to help with the layout of your content. Flashcards, labels, vocabulary grids, timetables, and much more can be created by adding a table from the Create toolbar.

 Style a Table (1:15)

After creating a table there are a number of styling options you can apply to change its appearance.


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