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Video Tutorials - Writing Documents

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Video 01

Launcher Options
This discusses the different options available when you launch the program.


Video 02

Beginning to use the symboliser
See how to use the symboliser with single and multiple words, and how to add an alternative word to any symbol.


Video 03

Changing the image attached to a word
This video shows you how to attach a photo or other image to a word instead of a symbol and introduces the graphics browser.


Video 04

Putting in pictures as illustrations
This video shows you how you can add pictures to you documents as illustrations.


Video 05

Browsing for pictures
See how to browse for pictures to bring into SymWriter documents from your computer, network, USB device or from the Internet.


Video 06

Finding Symbols
Symbols can be used in the same way as pictures as illustrations. Use the Symbol Finder to call up symbols to add to words or as illustrations.


Video 07

Changing the colour of a symbol
This video shows how to change the colours of Widgit Symbols and Widgit Pictures.


Video 08

Other features using colour
See how to change between colour and monochrome symbol, how to change the line and background colour, and change the skin tone that is used in some symbols.



Qualifiers are grammatical markers that can indicate plurals, tenses and comparatives or superlatives. These can be turned on or off for individual symbols or for an entire document.


Video 10

Alignment, bullets and indents
This video shows you how to align text, and explains the uses of bullets and indents.


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