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I have no speech on iPad

Widgit Go version 2.1.2 iPad app comes with a high quality voice called ‘Serena’ from Nuance.

If you have already purchased the Widgit Go app you can download the new version for free from iTunes. We recommend updating older iPads to OS7.

Download for iPads on iTunes

If your iPad is running OS7 (free update from apple), you can now access a wide range of different languages voices.
You can also buy voices from Acapela from within the app.

You can choose from both male and female voices.

How to buy voices
On the Home screen, tap Edit so you get into the Edit mode, then select Settings.

In the Settings menu, press Buy Voices. This displays a list of the English voices provided by Acapela.

Select the voice you want to buy. Then confirm the purchase by pressing the Buy button and then enter your AppleID and password.

This will then download the voice for direct use in Widgit Go. Each voice uses about 35 MB of storage. If you have previously bought speech voices with your Apple ID, you can use the Restore purchases option to download voices again.

If you purchased multiple voices go to the Settings menu to choose which of the voices should be used be default in Widgit Go.

NOTE: If you want to listen to the voices before choosing which one to buy, you can do it on Acapela website:



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