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Buildings, Rooms, Shops and Organisations


There are two styles of building: standard and large buildings. This enables distinction between buildings such as corner shop and supermarket, clinic and hospital.

building example 1

example buildings 2


A room is a square. This enables distinction between a library as a separate building and the library as a room in a school, or between a restaurant and a dining room.

example rooms


The generic shop is a building with a cash till. Types of shop are the building with the cash till plus the minimum number of items required to describe the type of shop, with a maximum of 3. This way we can show the difference between a library and a book shop.

example shops 1

example shops 2


Business and organisations:
An organisation or charity has a similarity to a building in that it is a contained shape, but has an arch to indicate an over-arching entity. A business is a commercial organisation and has money linked to the arch.

example businesses

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