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People, Family, Faces and Pronouns


People and jobs:
People and their jobs are represented by a person plus qualifying elements. The plurals of many jobs are available with more than one person rather than using the plural qualifier. (see section on ‘qualifiers’).

example of people 1

example of people 2


Stick people and non-stick people:
People are generally represented by a stick person being genderless and non-cultural. There are times when a fuller figure is needed. This may be to allow emphasis, e.g. teenager, or for certain actions, such as hug - which does not work with stick images.

example of stick people


The circle indicates ‘belonging’. Mother is woman in a circle and wife has a heart attached. Girlfriend has the heart but no circle. Step relations are indicated by a dashed circle.

example of family


Faces use a consistent approach so as to be able to distinguish the differences more easily especially when representing feelings.

example of faces


There are two types of pronouns illustrated: personal and possessive. With personal pronouns the hand is represented by an arrow head to point to the person. The possessive pronoun has a small filled circle to represent the clenched fist. The second person ‘you’ can be either singular or plural.

example of pronouns

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