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Symbols with more than one word:
There are many images that can be quite suitable for a range of words in different circumstances, for example:

example of view
view, see, watch, look

example of globe
earth, planet, world, globe

example of consult
consult, discuss, negotiate

You can add your own synonyms easily in Widgit’s desktop symbol software, and add them to your own wordlists for further use. This allows you to personalise the symbol set to an individual’s or organisation’s particular vocabulary.
This glossary only shows one word per symbol.


Words with more than one symbol:
Many words have more than one meaning, and an important feature of the Widgit symbol software is the way that it allows you to choose the most appropriate image for the meaning. Each of the following symbols is linked to the word ‘group’, but indicate different types of group:

example of pop group
A pop group

example of a group of objects
A group of objects

example of group of people
A group of people

example of group verb
The verb to group things


Colour and Black & White:
The Widgit Symbol set includes all symbols in both black & white and in colour. Studies with symbol users found that the use of colour often helped the readability of the images. However, there are times when the simpler line drawings (black & white) are more appropriate. Widgit’s desktop symbol software allows you to change between these modes.

colour examples

examples of black and white


Skin Tones:
Widgit’s desktop symbol software also gives you the option to change the colours and skin tones of symbols.

examples of skintone


Combined words:
When two words are used for a single concept then alternative styles are available:

example of combined

  • Single symbol - has a single graphic representing the whole concept.
  • Symbol with qualifier - uses a qualifying symbol to put into context the following element.
  • Two symbols - made from the two separate words and two separate existing graphics to represent the concept.

Common items are made in style 1 but it is easy to create style 2 using the Wordlist Manager. (Style 3 does not need creation)

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