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Description of the Widgit Symbol schema, design rules and conventions


The symbols conform to standards and conventions (Widgit calls this the ‘schema’).
The links to the left take you to descriptions of the principal schema and conventions used within the set.

example of schema


Future developments and free updates

The development of the symbol set is an on-going process and additional schema are developed as the need arises. All symbol updates are available for free for Widgit products. Updates for desktop software are available one to two times a year, Widgit’s online software is updated weekly. For more information please visit www.widgit.com/symbolupdates.

Widgit Development Project

Widgit had been adding to the original Rebus collection as needs arose, but in 2000 the Widgit Development Project set out to review the whole symbol set as a clearer more consistent approach would help support literacy even further. This project took two years to complete and the new symbol set was launched in 2002. Widgit chose to consult groups,organisations and specialised individuals for their feedback. The collection of symbols rose from 6000 in October 2000 to a current total of over 11000.

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