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Widgit Online’s Browse pages give you a more visual way of looking through and viewing your documents.

These pages work well when students are browsing and reading on iPads.

There are two browsing sections:

  • Browse all – This shows you all of the folders and files that you can see on the Documents page.

  • Browse Published – This shows you all of the published folders and files. You can share the web address of any published folder or file for anyone to view.

Note: Folders that contain no documents will not be shown in the 'Browse' pages.


browse buttons

Click on 'Browse All' or 'Browse Published' to start. From here you can click on folders to enter them, and files to view them. More on viewing documents

  When you're in a folder, there will be additional navigation buttons.
The Home button allows you to return to the root of your files, and the Up button will take you to the folder that contains the current folder.

Folder iconsFolder and Document Buttons

Folders are shown with a large folder button. If you have added a symbol icon to the folder then this will appear on the folder.

Documenmt icons

are shown with a large file button, or by the symbol icon if one is set.

Setting a symbol icon

 To set a symbol icon go to the Document List and click the Rename icon. In the box that appears, you can search the Widgit database for a symbol to use.

 If documents or folders don’t have a symbol icon, the Rename icon will be highlighted orange.

Group Accounts

Users in Group Accounts have additional navigation buttons when browsing.

group Browsing buttons

  • My files - This is where you’ll find the documents from your ‘My Documents’ folder.

  • Shared files - This is where you’ll find the documents from ‘Shared Folders’.

  • Other users' files - This is where you’ll find documents created by other users.

Note: Everyone can see all of the published files, but you will only be able to see unpublished files and folders that you have permission to see.

  • Admins see all unpublished documents

  • Managers see unpublished documents of the users they manage

  • Users do not see other users' unpublished documents