Create a gridDual Language
Feature Pack

The Dual Language Feature Pack is available to purchase through the Extras section.

The pack contains templates that enable the creation of dual language flashcards and vocabulary with access to automatic translation.

Click the ‘Create a Grid’ button to open the template options.

Choosing a template

dual language

Select Dual Language Templates from the left.

Then select one of the available templates to open it in the editor.

pick a template

Picking a language

All Dual Language templates contain two languages:

  • Primary Language - this is your default language
  • Secondary Language - this the translated language

When you select a template a dialog will appear where you can set the secondary language.

Click Choose to see the languages that are available for automatic translation. There are over 80 languages to pick from.

Many of these language also have an available speech voice, indicated by the speaker icon.


Filling in grids and automatic translation

Each frame contains two text areas.

  • Primary Language (English) - this text is used for symbolising
  • Secondary Language (Translation) - this text area is for the translated text

Type into the primary language text area to automatically symbolise your content.

symbolised text

align leftThen click the Google Translate button to automatically translate the text.

Alternatively you can type into the Translation text area and type your own translated text.


Note: You can automatically translate several things at once, be selecting multiple frames and pressing the Google Translate button.

symbol modesText and symbol position

You can lay out the content of a frame in several ways:

symbol only Text blow the symbol
text only Text either side of the symbol
symbol above text Text above the symbol
symbol below text Swap over the text areas

symbol modesHiding and showing

You can hide and show all elements in the frame to create different purpose resources.

symbol only Hide or show primary language
text only Hide or show secondary language
symbol above text Hide or show symbol



You may wish to change the styling of all the primary or secondary text elements together.

Press the select buttons to select all the appropriate text elements across the entire document.

symbol only Select all primary text elements
text only Select all secondary text elements

select secondary elements

While these are selected you can chang the font formatting, colour and style.

changes formatting


 You can change the secondary language in the document Settings.

You can also set what happens when a user click on the symbol in View mode.

Clicking on a symbol can:

  • Speak the primary language
  • Speak the secondary language
  • Speak nothing

View Mode

You can View a resource from the documents list or in Browse.

If there are speech voices available the resource will speak in the appropriate languages.

This speech reinforcement is particularly useful when learning new vocabulary

  • Click on the primary text to hear it spoken
  • Click on the secondary text to hear it spoken

Clicking in the symbol will use the speech settings set in the document.