Group Settings

You can access the Group Settings page by clicking on the Settings link in the top right corner of Widgit Online, and then clicking the Group Settings link at the top of the page.

settings menu

Group Information

Web address of group’s Published Files This is the web address where the whole group can share documents with anyone who has an internet connection.

Group name

This is the full name of your group. Only Administrators can edit this.

Group ID

This is the ID of the group and forms part of the web address for your published files. Only Administrators can edit this.

 WARNING: The Group ID is part of your public web address. If you change your ID, the address of all pages will change. So if anyone has shared links or published them on another website, these links will stop working.

User numbers

This page also shows you the maximum number of allowed users for your account type, and the number of created users.

E.g. Account is using 92 of a maximum of 150 users

The Group Settings page also shows you a list of all the Users, and allows you to create and edit Users.

The User list provides you with an overview of their names, permissions, email address, role and Managers.

users list

More on Creating Users

Import/Export CSV

You can add, edit or delete multiple Admins, Managers and Users at the same time using the CSV import feature. More on CSV import.