Your Settings

You can access your settings page by clicking on the Settings link in the top right corner of Widgit Online.

The Settings page is divided into the sections: Your Settings, Subscriptions, Wordlists and Image Library.

Group account users also have a Group Settings section.

settings menu

Subscriptions shows information about your account type and subscription details, and provides a way to extend or change your account.

Group Settings can be used to create new users, set user types and permissions.

Wordlists can be used to manage the vocabulary use in symbol documents.

Image Library can be used to managertheimages use in grids.

Account Information

Web address of your
Published Files:
This is the web address you can use to share your documents with anyone who has an internet connection.
Your login: This is your login for Widgit Online.

Edit Account

Email This is your registered email address for Widgit Online.
Telephone This is an optional telephone number we can use for technical support.
Display Name This is your visible name in Widgit Online.
Username This is your registered username for Widgit Online and forms part of the web address for your published files.

 WARNING: Your username is part of your public web address. If you change your username, the address of all your pages will change. So if you have sent a link to anyone or published it on another website, these links will stop working.

Old password If you would like to change your password, enter your current password here and then fill in the next two text fields.

New password

Enter your desired new password here.

New password confirmation

Confirm your new password by writing it again here.

Receive emails

Tick box for opting in or out of receiving emails regarding updates and new features.

Note: Please read the e-Safety Guidance before changing your settings.