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You can sign up for Individual or Group account types. Group accounts allow you to share files and templates with other members.

You can:

  • Set up a free 21 day Trial account
  • Purchase an account onlline with PayPal
  • Set up an account with a purchased licence key

You can set up an account thats right for you by selecting Home, School or Organisations from the homepage.

Account Types

There are two types of account, Individual Accounts and Group Accounts. The full list of account types available are:


  • Individual
  • Family


  • Individual
  • Class / Teacher
  • Small School (with a PAN* of less than 20 pupils)
  • Medium School (with a PAN* between 21 and 60 pupils)
  • Large School (with a PAN* larger than 60 pupils)


  • Individual
  • Small Organisation
  • Large Organisation

* PAN = Published admission number

Important Notes when Signing Up

Automatic free trial
If you haven't already set up a trial account before purchasing a subscription, you will automatically receive the 21 day free trial at the start of your subscription.

Display name
When setting up any account you have to enter a Display Name. Your Display Name will be viewable on any Published documents, so you may not wish to use your full name.

Group ID
When setting up a group account you need to enter a Group ID. The Group ID will be part of the log-in for all users, and also the account's web address, so this should be short and memorable.

Sign Up with PayPal

You can sign up for an account online with PayPal. You can choose to pay for Widgit Online with recurring monthly payments or one off annual payments.

For recurring monthly payments a PayPal account is required, for annual payments you can checkout as a guest using a credit / debit card.


Order Direct

You can order by credit card or invoice direct from Widgit. To do this please contact our sales team.

Telephone: 01926 333680
Email: info@widgit.com

Once your order has gone through, we will supply you with a licence key to activate your account.


Account Sign Up Documentation

 Widgit Online - Individual Accounts.pdf

 Widgit Online - Group Accounts.pdf

Promotional Keys

If you have a promotional key you can use this to extend the length of your account. You can use a promotional key while:

  • setting up a trial
  • activating a paid for account

If you have the desktop version of SymWriter, you can use your desktop licence key for a 3 month extension to your account.