User templateUser Templates

Extend the range of resources to create by making your own templates.

You can edit the Widgit Online templates to create personalised templates.


Create a template

To create your own template, open the Widgit Online template that you wish to base it on.

 Make any changes you require then click Save as template. Your new template will be saved in the root of your My Templates folder.

Note: If you add multiple pages to your template, only the first page will be copied when you add new pages.

basic grid

This basic landscape 4 x 7 grid can be used to create new templates like:

A meal choice board

meal choices

A like and dislikes activity

like and dislikes


Using Your Templates

To use your templates click on Create a grid in the documents list. This will open the template chooser.

my templatesIn the left hand menu you will see My Templates. You can view specific template folders or All My Templates.

When you select a folder, thumbnails of your templates will be displayed to the right. Click on the thumbnail to open the template in the editor.

Group account users will also have a section for Group templates.


Managing Templates

my templates listIn the documents list there is a folder for My Documents and a folder for My Templates.

Group account users will also have folders for
Shared Folders and Shared Templates.

In the documents list you can make new folders, move and rename files.

Note: Templates have to be stored in your My Templates folder. They cannot be moved into your My Documents folder.

Editing Templates

Edit a templateTo edit a template, click on the file name in the documents list to open it in the editor. You will see that you are editing a template, rather than creating a document, because the editor will have an orange background.

When you have made the changes you wanted to make you can Save the template or Save as a new template.

Note: If you edit a template that you have
used to create grids, those grid documents
will not be updated.