View a documentView a Document

Widgit Online can show documents in a read-only format. This means that your work can be viewed by non-users who have followed a link to your published work or been given a ‘direct link’.

Opening Documents

There are three ways to open a document for viewing:

  • Documents – Click the  View icon for the document you want to view.

  • Browse All – Click the document you want to view

  • Browse Published – Click the document you want to view

Tip: When you’re viewing a document, you can click the Home button to return to the home page for the author and the Up button to go to the folder that contains the current document.

Click the Folder Root button to open the Documents page at the location of the document you are viewing.

Speaking Symbol Documents

Symbol Documents can be read out loud. You can hear the document read line by line, or the whole document. the speech options are:

 Speak Speaks the next paragraph
 Speak whole document Speaks the entire document
 Repeat speech Repeats the last text spoken
 Stop speech Stops the streaming speech (this only works when you have clicked a Speak option)
Voice You can choose from a selection of male and female Nuance voices.

View a GridSpeaking Grids

Symbol Grids can be used as talking flashcards. Clicking on a cell in the grid will read its contents.

Voice You can choose from a selection of male and female Nuance voices.

Viewing Documents

While you are viewing a document, the following options will be available:

 Print/ PDF Creates a PDF version of the document which can then be printed.
 Publish Publishes the document. More on Publishing
 Size Displays the current size of the text and symbols of the document. You can choose another size by clicking the drop-down arrow.
 Root folder Takes you to the document's location on the Documents page.

Direct link
Clicking this will enable or disable a unique web address that links to your document and can be shared with anybody, regardless of whether or not it is published.
More on Direct Links

Group account users may not have permission to publish and may not be able to access root folder locations, depending on their permissions.