What's new

Caboc - 13th February 2019

  • New templates:
    • Monthly Calendar
    • Top Cards game
    • Dual-language Communication Books
    • Daily Schedule
    • Name the Objects
    • Two-strip Vocabulary Strips
    • Theme Words
  • Improvements to the image library panel in the grid editor:
    • Page numbers added (after 48 images) to make displays neat
    • Search field added to make use of image names and tags
    • Image rotation removed (rotation still active in the main image library in settings)
    • Improve performance
  • High-resolution symbols in grids for PDFs and high pixel density displays
  • Updates to user interface

Leipäjuusto - 8th October 2018

  • Launch of the Finnish version of Widgit Online
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Schloss - 18th June 2018

  • Speech-to-text support in the document editor (in Chrome only at present)
  • Basic wordlist entry management: list, view and delete wordlist entries
  • Improved PDF exporter for grids
  • New eye-pointing templates

Rachel - 29th January 2018

  • New beta toolbar interface in grid and document editors
  • Wordlist support in grids
  • Skin tone support in documents and grids
  • Image rotation in image library
  • Copy-as-image support in grid and document editors
  • Support for two-sided Communication Book templates
  • Qualifier support in grid editor
  • Support for text-on-top in documents
  • New templates

Cheddar - 19th April 2017

  • New Communication templates: Communication Books
  • Bulk population of frames
  • Trial of Dual Language pack is now available from the Extras page
  • Speed and reliability improvements when printing of PDF's
  • New minimum text and symbol size in grids
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Yarg - 5th December 2016

  • New Communication Templates for:
    • ProxTalker
    • GoTalk
    • QuickTalker
    • AMDi - tech Talk, Tech Chat, Tech Speak
    • Communication Fans

Brie - 22nd September 2016

  • Dual Language Feature Pack available for Swedish accounts
  • Two speeds of speech - Standard and Slower
  • Better image library support in shared documents
  • Improvements to PDFs
  • Bugfixes for documents shared via direct link
  • Stability and performance improvements

Roquefort - 21st June 2016

  • Dual Language Feature Pack
  • Create multilanguage flashcards
  • Automatic translation in over 80 languages, powered by Google Translate

More information on the Pack

Parmesan - 4th April 2016

Lanark Blue - 26th February 2016

  • New templates for Avery Labels, certificates and rewards
  • New PractiseWriting font for handwriting
  • New speech voices:

    • 1 new Scottish voice
    • 2 new British voices
    • 1 new Irish voice
    • 1 new French voice
    • 4 new American voices

Red Windsor - 4th February 2016

  • Landscape paper orientation in symbol documents
  • Ability to create new folders in save dialogs
  • Letter paper size in symbol documents
  • Site font updated to FS ME
  • Improved cell background colour in grids
  • Fixed vocabulary issues
  • Removed wrapping blank spaces in symbol documents
  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

Double Gloucester - 11th January 2016

  • Added new font, 'OpenDyslexic'. This font has been created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia - opendyslexic.org
  • Text align in grid frames
  • Specify your own font sizes in grids
  • Folder tree added to 'Save' dialogs to enable saving in any location
  • Updated 'Home' button in editors
  • Bigger page margins in symbol documents
  • Performance improvements to document list
  • Bug fixes

Emmenthal - 18th November 2015

  • New Copy Content to All Pages feature
  • Symbol and text size shown when in Auto size mode
  • Autosave added to grids
  • Improved notifications when uploading documents and installing Extras
  • Automatic resizing of large uploaded images
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements