Personalising the vocabulary in Widgit Online can help users to better understand the meaning of words. For some users, a photo of their own cat may be more recognisable to them than the symbol for 'cat'. You can save these vocabulary additions to a 'wordlist'. A wordlist is a file that links images to words.

cat word to symbol match

You can load multiple wordlists into a symbols document, you can also set wordlists to load with new documents by default.

The Wordlist Page

Settings menu

To access the Wordlists Page, click Settings in the top right of the screen. The Wordlists page shows you all of the wordlists you can access in Widgit Online. You can also use this page to:

  • Upload a wordlist
  • Create a new wordlist
  • Delete wordlists
  • Make wordlists default
  • View the entries in a wordlist
  • Delete wordlist entries

Uploading SymWriter 2 and InPrint 3 Wordlists

worldists pages

You can use all of your SymWriter 2 and InPrint 3 (desktop) wordlists in Widgit Online.

upload wordlist

To add your existing wordlists, click the Upload Wordlists button.

Then Browse to your wordlist on your PC and click Upload.

Finding your worldists on your PC
The default path to your wordlists is usually:

Windows 7/8/10: C:\ProgramData\Widgit\Common Files\Topic wordlists

Note: The ProgramData folder is hidden by default. To access this folder you can either type the path directly into your explorer or change the folder settings to show this folder.

In Group accounts, only Managers and Administrators can upload wordlists.

Note on third party symbols
Symbols from installed third party symbol packs cannot be displayed by Widgit Online. If you upload a wordlist containing any such symbols, you will not see those symbols.

Downloading Wordlists

To download a wordlist from Widgit Online to use in SymWriter 2 or InPrint 3, click the  CFWL download link in the wordlists list. You will then need to save it to the wordlists folder on your PC.

Default Wordlists

If you have a wordlist that you wish to use all the time, you can choose to make it default. This means that any new document created will have that wordlist loaded automatically.

To make a wordlist load by default, click the  Make default for me star.

In Group accounts, only Administrators can set a wordlist to be loaded by default for everyone in the group.

Viewing and Editing a Wordlist

worldists entries

Click on a wordlist's name to see all the entries in that list.

The next screen tells you the total number of entries in the list.

It also shows you a list of all the words in the wordlist and thumbnails of their associated symbols.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of the symbol.

Symbol Thumbnail

To delete a wordlist entry, click the tick box next to the word and press Delete.

Using Wordlists in Widgit Online

worldists dialogue

When creating a symbol document in Widgit Online, you can load additional wordlists. To do this, clic on the Tools tab, then select Symbol Settings.

Here you can see the wordlists that are loaded for the current document. You can also enable and disable any wordlists.

In Group accounts, if an Administrator has made a wordlist default for the whole group, it will appear here but greyed out, as you cannot disable this list.

You can also use this dialog to enable or disable the 'Restricted symbols' by clicking 'More options'.

Saving Wordlist Changes

When writing symbol documents in Widgit Online, you can personalise the vocabulary by:

save wordlists changes
  • Changing the word for a symbol
  • Changing the image for a word

These changes will be saved to the current document. You can also save your changes to use on other documents by adding them to a wordlist.

To do this, click on the Tools tab, then select Save Wordlists Changes.

From here, you can see all of the changes you have made and you can add these entries to any of the enabled wordlists, or you can make a new wordlist to add them to.

Every user also has their own User wordlist by default which is active all the time. Use this for words that you want changed permanently.

craete wordlistCreating a New Wordlist

You can create new wordlists in two ways:

  • From the Save Wordlist Changes dialog in the editor.

  • From the Wordlists Page use the Create a Wordlist panel.

In Group accounts, only Managers and Administrators can create new wordlists.