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 Writing with Symbols 2000

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Widgit Essentials Bundle

Writing with Symbols 2000 has been updated to Widgit Essentials Bundle

The award winning word and symbol processor giving full support to writing for all has been replaced by even better programs!

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 Technical FAQ - Solutions to frequently asked questions

 Updates - Upgrades to WWS2000

 Training Pack Help Sheets - focusing on specific features of WWS2000

 Training Pack Activities - 16 worksheets to take you through all of the important features of WWS2000.

 Manuals - PDFs of manuals to download

 On-line Tutorials - to take you through features of the program

 'How to' - ideas on making resources


The update to the wordlist for the Widgit Rebus Symbols, is now available to download.
This wordlist applies to version 2.6 only.
Please click here for details.