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Widgit Symbols at the Eden Project

The UK's largest visitor attraction

Over the last few years, Widgit have been working with the Sensory Trust to create more accessible signage and exhibits at the Eden Project. By using Widgit symbols on signage and displays throughout the project, such as the welcome sign below , the Eden Project has achieved more inclusive accessibility for its visitors, regardless of their level of literacy.

Eden welcome sign


The Eden Project

One of the UK's largest visitor attractions

The Eden Project is a large environmental centre in Cornwall. The project is situated in a 60-metre crater, where two giant conservatories have been constructed in which to grow plants from different climactic regions. Open to the general public, Eden is about connecting plants, people and places. The Eden Project is a living demonstration of regeneration, and aims to reconnect people with their environments, both locally and globally.

For more information, please visit: www.edenproject.com


The Sensory Trust

Creating inclusive environments

The Sensory Trust promotes and implements an inclusive approach to the design and management of outdoor space. They help to ensure equality of access for all people, regardless of age, disability or background. The Sensory Trust advises organisations like the Eden Project to create fully accessible environments. Widgit have been working with the Sensory Trust in helping to create accessible information in signage and education packs.

More Information on the Sensory Trust
or visit: www.sensorytrust.org.uk

Supported Information

Helping support the project with Widgit Symbols



Key symbols or short phrases have been included on many of the canvas signs around the project. These help point out the main information. Click on the image to see a larger version

  symbol sign    symbol sign    symbol sign

  sign    sign


Many of the exhibits include Widgit symbols as part of the learning experience. This gives a much more inclusive experience to many visitors.

Click on the image for more information.


Discover Eden packs

The full guidebooks were designed by the Sensory Trust for the new exhibit areas at the Eden Project. Hard copies are available at the Eden Project, or, below, you can download copies before or after your visit. Widgit have also developed symbol guides. The symbol guides have simplified content supported by the Widgit Literacy Symbols. They have been created at two different reading levels: a supported version with just the new and difficult vocabulary symbolised, and a fully symbol-supported version. There is also a fun activity pack to help teach the new Eden vocabulary and symbols.

Pack Name Application Price  
Discover Eden Widgit full symbol guide pdf file pdf file FREE
Download for free
Discover Eden Widgit supported guide pdf file pdf file FREE
Download for free
Discover Eden Widgit Activity Pack pdf file pdf file FREE
Download for free

Each of these packs is a collection of PDF files compressed into a Zip file to make downloading easier. You will need WinZip or similar for Windows or ZipIt for Macintosh to open the Zip file. Both programs are shareware and can be downloaded by following the links above. You will need to Download Adobe Reader Version to view the pages if you don't already have it.


Fully symbolised version

About eden

About the plant engine

Supported version

About eden

About the plant engine

Each section is supported
with Flash cards

flash cards

flash cards

The full versions and multi language versions are also available at: www.sensorytrust.org.uk/information/eden_rediscover.html


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