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My experiences using the MegaBee

By Kathrin Lemler (Germany)


My assistent and I had tried it a little bit. At the beginning david has some troubles, becauce he thinks too much! he only knows my letter board and there you must think a lot!! but after a while he had understand that he musn’t thinking ;-) and then it works well!

This afternoon my pysiotherapist comes. We work together since 10 years. I like her very much, but she never learnt my system. At therapie I can’t use MyTobii, therefore we need always a dollmetcher. I hope the Megabee will be the solution for this problem… I will tell you after we had trying!

Yesterday the girlfriend of my brother and I talk with the help of the megabee for hours. We had many fun!!Thank you so much!!

Today I will go on a Party! the batterie of MyTobii is broken; so I will take the megabee with me! ;-)

Yesterday I have tried the megabee with my assistent anna. she has difficulties with my letterboard in the past, because she always forgot the letters. We can’t believe it, how fast we are with the megabee. I had tears in my eyes!

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