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Blank Tag Templates

Templates for ProxTalker and ProxPAD sticker sheets

Please note you will need the appropriate software installed to use some of these files

 Widgit Online (www.widgitonline.com)

Widgit Online
comes with large and small tag templates. You can try a free 21 day trial from the link above.

 InPrint 3

Widgit InPrint 3 Templates - A4 (large and small tag stickers)

Widgit InPrint 3 Templates - Letter (large and small tag stickers)

(After installation you can find these files in your InPrint 3 'Templates' in 'Communication Aids')

InPrint 2

Widgit InPrint 2 Templates (large and small tag stickers)

 Microsoft Word

Avery, Microsoft Word sticker sheet template (large tag stickers).

Microsoft Word LOGAN® PROXTALKER® device template (small tag stickers).


Boardmaker Version 6 Templates (large and small tag stickers)

Boardmaker Studio Templates (large and small tag stickers)


 Tags for EAL and MFL

The Dual Language Feature Pack add-on to Widgit Online automatically translates into over 80 languages. Easily create dual language and translated tags at the click of a button.



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