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Welcome to Widgit

Symbols for inclusion and accessibility

Widgit believes that no matter what your level of reading, you should have fair and equal access to information.

Widgit have pioneered the use of symbols in learning and communication for over 30 years and our software is used around the world to create symbol-supported materials in print, onscreen and online. We also offer a range of services to help your organisation make its information more accessible.

Symbols help communicate ideas and information.

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Key products

In Print 2

Symbol-supported desktop publishing. Make visual timetables, flashcards and worksheets quickly and easily.

SymWriter 2

Word processing with symbols - the perfect tool for struggling and emerging writers.

SymWriter Online

Create, save and share symbol-supported documents in the online.


First Keys 3

New version - Teaching keyboard awareness through literacy activities. Now support activity words with Widgit Symbols.


Organise information and brainstorm ideas with Ideas, the mind mapping tool with symbols.

Widgit Go

Symbol activities and grids for your tablet. Use it in the home, in the classroom
or on the go.

My first Mouse
My 1st Mouse

My 1st Mouse gives a fun way to help young children from around 2 years-old and upward to learn to use a mouse.

By Choice

Interactive on-screen activities to encourage students to learn by choosing.

Widgit Apps

A series of educational symbol apps from £1.99, a great addition to an iPad for supported learning.

Communication sheets communication books
Widgit Health


A new range of symbol materials for personal healthcare and medical professionals

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  • RT @ukedchat: RT @Widgit_Software: Ensure everything you do is thinking about outcomes and progress, not ticking a box for the powers abov…

    Thu Nov 20 21:26, 3 retweets

  • #ukedchat Some fantastic ideas here. Enjoyed tonight's chat. Thank you

    Thu Nov 20 21:01

  • #ukedchat Ensure everything you do is thinking about outcomes and progress, not ticking a box for the powers above

    Thu Nov 20 20:59, 1 retweet

  • #ukedchat Start with the basics of inclusion to create a solid foundation to build upon

    Thu Nov 20 20:58

  • #ukedchat Consider needs of all children to ensure progress using creative and motivating strategies

    Thu Nov 20 20:57

  • #ukedchat Symbols make a huge impact on pupil voice in surveys. Ofsted created one in Widgit symbols

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  • #ukedchat Special schools do an amazing job of personalising the curriculum. Mainstream can learn lots from them

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