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Widgit Symbol Resource Packs

Hundreds of free and low-cost symbol resource packs, created in partnership with professionals

Widgit produce a wide range of symbol-supported learning materials and symbol stories, including extensive topic-based packs 'ready to go' for special and mainstream education, developed by the Symbol Inclusion Project. To find out more about the Symbols Inclusion Project, visit

Symbol resource packs can be edited and printed straight from In Print. If you don't have In Print installed, most resources are also available as ready-to-print PDFs for use with any popular PDF reader.

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Popular resources

Primary Bundle  Primary Bundle

A resource bundle with over 1,000 books and activities.

Save £111

Format: Price:
CIP files CIP files £230

  ATG presents
Snow White

A set of resources and activities to support ATG’s productions of Snow White

Format: Price:
PDF files FREE

  Calendars 2015

A pack of ready made calendars for the whole year, including blank templates and activity cards


Format: Price:
In Print 2 £7

  World War I

Books, activities and writing environments to support the teaching and learning of this historical period


Format: Price:
PDF filesIn Print 2SymWriter 2 from £7

  Hospital Procedures

Developed in association with Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Format: Half Price:
PDF files  £40   £20

  Puffin on the Beach

An illustrated book with Widgit Symbols. Plus additional set of over 40 resources. Available to pre-order


Format: Price:
PDF filespdf files from £6.99

  Widgit Health Symbols 2013

A collection of symbols specifically designed for use in healthcare settings


Format: Price:
pdf files £50

CFE PackCFE Pack & School Starter Pack

Templates and advice for making 'Communication Friendly Environments'

Format: Price:
In Print 2 From £15


symbolsNew Symbols
Each pack contains new symbols

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