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Makaton Databases of Symbols and Signs

Available for Widgit Symbol Products

The Makaton databases have been fully revised and updated and are now compatible with Communicate in Print and Symwriter.

These new Communicate compatible Makaton Databases are available and can be purchased as a superb bundle which contains the three most popular Makaton databases:

  • The Collection 2015 - Over 4,290 concepts (32,500 graphics)
  • Collection 2 - 1,600 concepts (9,800 graphics)
  • Collection 3 - 910 concepts (8,240 graphics)
  • Collection 4 - 1,000 concepts (4,900 graphics)
  • Core Vocabulary - (2,000 graphics)
  • Sex Education - 150 concepts (2,158 graphics)

Create your own Makaton resources with the Makaton Databases of Signs and Symbols. Use the signs and symbols to create classroom support materials, labels, choice-boards and much more! Each Makaton database contains both the signs and symbols related to each topic including graphics for plurals, possessive nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. This means that you can use the graphics for different levels of language use, to encourage the development of language and literacy skills.

Makaton flashcards

Makaton Symbols
Makaton Symbols


Makaton Signs
makaton Signs



Makaton Collection 2015 available soon, call Widgit Sales Team on 01926 333680 to order.

Collection 2015The Collection 2015

The Collection 2015 contains all the Makaton symbols and signs that are published in the Core Vocabulary and Resource Vocabulary topic collections. (except for Sex Education) and those from the following resources:

  • Downloadable resources
  • Something Special
  • Makaton Signing for Babies
  • Voting at the Polling Station
  • Road Safety for Makaton Users
  • Makaton for Maths
  • Fitter Feet
  • Signs for Christian worship
  • Journey Planner
  • Going to the Dentist
  • Christmas Carols
  • Health Communication
  • General Social Care Council
  • Mental Health Act
  • Care Programme Approach
  • Electricity Safety
  • Signs for Christian Worship



Collection 2

Collection 2 contains all the Makaton symbols and signs that are published in the Core Vocabulary, National Curriculum and Animals, Transport and Vehicles. From £75

pdfThe Collection 2 wordlist.PDF

Collection 3

Collection 3

Collection 3 contains all the Makaton symbols and signs that are published in the Personal, Social and Health Education, Sex Education and Bereavement. From £75

pdfThe Collection 3 wordlist.PDF

Collection 3

Collection 4

Collection 4 contains all the Makaton symbols and signs that are published in the People: Public Services and People: Work and Leisure resources. From £75

pdfThe Collection 4 wordlist.PDF

Collection 3

Core Vocabulary

The Core Vocabulary has 450 concepts in both symbols and signs, and provides the basis onto which you can build the vocabulary you require. From £42

pdfThe Core Vocabulary wordlist.PDF

Sex Education

Sex Education

This collection contains Makaton symbols and signs for sexual behaviour, partners, private body parts, sexual illness, sexual orientations, birth control, reproduction and sexual abuse. From £25

Recommended running specification
Communicate: In Print 2
Communicate: SymWriter Version 1.1.6444 (or above)