Symbols at Home

20 sets of flashcard files – ideal for parents, carers or childminders to use at home.

The Symbols at Home pack contains a set of 20 flash card files relating to feelings and emotions, numbers, playing, playgroup, safety, shopping, colours, times of day, days of week, mealtime, behaviour, food and drink, recycling, activity labels, hand washing sequence, notices, transport, dressing up, getting dressed and places to go.

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The symbols can be used in a variety of ways – from creating visual timetables to managing behaviour.
A booklet with detailed ideas about how to use the symbols pack can be downloaded for free.

The Symbols at Home pack is a great introduction to using Widgit symbols, and the symbols are ideal for parents, childminders or carers to use at home to help aid learning and development.

This pack contains….

  • Ideas for using flashcards
  • Feelings and emotions – 28 symbol cards for expressing feelings and emotions
  • Numbers - 24 symbol cards - numbers 1-20, plus extra
  • Playing - 51 symbol cards to use during play
  • Playgroup - 40 symbol cards which may be used to discuss playgroup
  • Safety - 14 symbol cards to discuss features of safety
  • Shopping - 66 symbol cards which may be used when shopping
  • Colours - 13 symbol cards showing the most common colours
  • Times of the day - 21 symbol cards showing different times of the day
  • Days of the week - 13 symbol cards showing the days of the week, plus extra
  • Meal time - 41 symbol cards to use during mealtimes
  • Behaviour - 11 symbol cards which may be used to promote good behaviour
  • Food and drink - 80 food and drink symbol cards
  • Recycling - 14 recycling symbol cards
  • Activity labels - 23 symbol cards which may be used to label boxes or for routines
  • Wash hands - 7 symbol cards to use to sequence washing hands
  • Notices - 10 symbol cards for labelling areas and rooms
  • Transport - 19 symbol cards showing different modes of transport
  • Dressing up - 39 symbol cards to use when dressing up
  • Getting dressed - 38 symbol cards to label clothes, or to help with dressing
  • Places to go - 22 symbol cards showing places to go, plus how to get there
  • Flashcard template

Symbols at home cards

emotion cards

emotion cards

emotion cards

emotion cards

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