Winter Weather Pack

Worksheets and activities from the Symbols Inclusion Project

The Winter Weather pack has a range of classroom activities, stories and worksheets relating to the weather in winter.

Zed and the Snowman story


Pack Name Application Price  
Winter Weather Pack cip file FREE
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Winter Weather Pack pdf file FREE
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Winter Weather Pack - BSL pdf file FREE
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Standard pack:

  • Crossword - Symbol supported crossword with answers
  • Flashcards - Winter weather vocabulary
  • Wordsearch
  • Synonyms - Eleven weather related words and synonyms
  • Poem - Winter weather poem
  • Vocabulary list - Winter weather vocabulary list with symbols
  • Acrostic - Winter related phrases using initial letters of the word 'winter'
  • Zed and the Snowman - Three versions of a story, one with full symbol support, a text only version and a simplified version
  • Missing words - Worksheet with answers using winter weather vocabulary
  • Spell - Worksheet with the initial letter given
  • Matching synonyms - Draw a line to the word that means the same
  • What am I - Write the answers from the descriptions


BSL Pack:Synonyms worksheetSnowman poem made with BSL

The BSL pack has the same content, but some of the activities have been made with BSL

  • BSL crossword
  • BSL flashcards
  • BSL poem
  • BSL vocab list
  • BSL story of Zed and the Snowman
  • BSL missing words
  • BSL spelling
  • BSL what am I


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