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Symwriter Widgit Symbols In Romania

Support for written language and communication

Symbols can help to explain the meaning of a word. Children or adults who have language difficulties may more easily gain access to text if there are symbols to help illustrate the meanings.

Go TalkCommunicate
A person who cannot speak clearly can communicate by pointing at symbols on a grid or board.

A person who cannot remember words can use symbols to help them visualise words.

LabelsLabels and reminders

All of us like to be independent. Having labels and reminders increase that independence. The cupboards in this room have labels so that the children can tidy away their own things without help.

Symbol reminders can help adults with difficulties to be more independent.

Carmen writes: “I  work with children (age 8-9) who have special educational needs such as severely mental disabilities, autism, ADHD, speech and language disabilities, are emotionally vulnerable, have behavioural difficulties, or have a combination of these disabilities. I use the Widgit software mostly to facilitate the communication with the children, but also to transpose words into images when reading a story or learning poems and songs.”


A Speech Therapist working with children with developmental delays writes: “Using CIP they can interact and follow curricular activities, answer questions with symbol support for their emerging speech, make decisions  and have a feeling of self esteem and pride in completing tasks.” 

Written language
Symbols illustrate the meanings of words. A person who cannot read text, or has difficulty understanding the meanings of words can be helped seeing words with symbols.

ReadingThis girl, who has learning difficulties, is beginning to read with the help of the symbols. It increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Teachers can use Communicate: InPrint to prepare reading materials and vocabulary cards and labels.


Visual TimetablesVisual timetables help children understand what is happening. It can provide important structure to their day. This can help with behaviour and motivation.

The children are much more motivated if they can understand their work, and symbol supported activities, stories and songs have been shown to increase learning.





There are two products:

cip Communicate: InPrint
For teachers to print labels, worksheets and reading books, and for some pupils to use to make their own work.

csw Communicate: Symwriter
For writing longer documents and with on-screen grids for beginner writers.

Price for each program starts at £64 per installation, with discount for buying both programs together.

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